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Tips on Lifelong Gardening

In this post, we extract several tips no lifelong gardening from a recent podcast episode. That episode, lifelong gardening with Toni Gattone, offered our listeners some great insights on...

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The Impact of ChatGPT on Software Jobs

We can’t seem to let go of ChatGPT. Last week, Richard posted a short article describing his concerns about the unintended consequences of ChatGPT as it enters our cultural...

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ChatGPT Explains Itself

Our episode on ChatGPT and Seniors continues to intrigue the old codgers. Please bear with us as we wrap our heads around ChatGPT and what it means to our...

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Unintended Consequences of ChatGPT

Our episode on ChatGPT and Seniors intrigued the old codgers. We’re not certain how many folks in our audience are tracking the developments surrounding ChatGPT, but we’re are still...

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ChatGPT Reminder

Just a quick ChatGPT reminder that this episode is just around the corner and we really would like your help. Send us your suggestions for questions and requests we...

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Free Bumper Sticker!

Hey, Campers! We have some great news. Now you can get a free bumper sticker from Camp Codger! To get your sticker just like the one below, go to...

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