Camper Corner

We hope our listeners (aka Campers) will be active members of the Camp Codger team. In a perfect world, we would like our Counselors and Campers to have as much fun as our radio heroes, Ray and Tommy Magliozzi, and their audience did on Car Talk for 25 years on NPR.

What can I do?

There are several ways Campers can participate. For instance, you can:

  • Comment on any of our podcast episodes. Praise us, pan us, or just give us a ‘meh’, but do let us know how are doing.
  • Suggest a podcast topic that you think might be interesting to your fellow Campers. Our Counselors love the opportunity to ramble on about things they may know nothing about.
  • Ask for advice from one of the old codgers on any number of areas. It may be a question about technology challenges for folks our age, advice for the lovelorn (senior citizen dating is a hot topic), or just a general question about life in our golden years. We may not be experts, but we do have opinions!
  • Send us your commentary (or rant) on something you care about. It can be serious, lighthearted, or even a bit off the wall.
  • If you have the chutzpah and think you have something to offer the Camp Codger community, offer to let us interview you for a podcast episode. Now that could be fun for all of us!
  • If nothing else, enjoy the conversation by subscribing to our newsletter to receive email notifications when we publish new episodes.

How do I contact the old codgers?

Send an email to or leave us a voicemail at 505-216-6171. Don’t forget to include your name and email address if we need to get back to you.

The legal stuff…

We reserve the right to ignore whatever you send us or jump for joy if you send us some good stuff.  Of course, we do hope you write as well as Hemingway and your voice is as mellifluous as Garrison Keillor’s. However, this is Camp Codger, and our standards (and our Counselor skills) are rather lower…much lower. Do the best you can which is what we do when we record an episode.

On a slightly more serious note, you agree to let us use your voice and text message communications as we determine appropriate. We will limit the use of  your contributions to the Camp Codger website and the Camp Codger podcast directory services. We also promise to protect your privacy by not using your last name or email address for any public use of your material.

Want to read the serious legalese? Dig into our Terms of Service.